Sadly on Monday 23rd December 2019

the sun set suddenly on the life of our beloved mother, Gloria Blissett.



For over 2 hours, though small in stature. 

as was her way she was huge in her fight, as she somehow “came back”,

Not once, not twice, but 3 times.



3 times she came back and somehow clung to life. Until finally, shortly after arriving at the hospital. Only then with generations of her family now in attendance, She succumbed to the cardiac event that finally claimed her. 



Now, I can’t say for sure that our mum  knew that we were all there at her passing. But I can say for sure, that we only all made it there in time because she fought and somehow held on. Giving us all that precious extra bit of time we needed to get there. 


“Nana” to the next generation, 

and Known with fondness as “mum” to so, so many more. 

We mourn her passing, celebrate her life and tearfully smile as we remember….

The Blissett family

Would like to thank everyone for their consideration at this time. Gloria, our mother cared deeply about the welfare of children. So we ask that you please forego any floral tributes and instead donate to the children’s charity of your choice. Thank You.