Memories of Nana Gloria

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  1. TonB

    Then singing while you clean

  2. James

    Loved in life
    Lamented in a life lost

  3. Albert

    Miss me but let me go for this is a journey we all must take and each must go alone its all part of the masters plan a step on the road to home. When I close my eyes I see you; When I open my eyes I miss you. Nana Gloria X

  4. Dorrett

    Always greet with a smile, May your soul rest in peace.

  5. Mika'il Morgan

    May our Creator grant Aunt Mama Nana Gloria Peace & Paradise in the Hereafter.
    A ROCK to a Family
    A Giant in our Community
    A Mother to many
    A Sprit Pure & Non Judgemental
    Amin. Amen.

  6. Carole

    Dear Blissette Family
    My prayer is for you all. I use to meet mum and have chats with her when she use to walk to Joe’s (Dolly’s) sweet shop. Your mother was such a lovely lady and I remember your mother standing at the gate was I use to play with Maureen and Carole.

    I have fond memories of your mum’s pleasant attitude and the fun times on Ilex Road.

    Your memories will keep you strong fire you to continue the days attached to your future. Your mum will want you to remain happy with the life you have.

    God has blessed you all. ?❤?

  7. Jaki Henry (God-Daughter)

    Upon celebrating your Birthday on 11th December 2019, you said to me
    “It’s my birthday and I am the queen for the day”
    my reply was “yes of course you are, you are our queen”

    You remain our ‘Queen of Hearts’ always..x

  8. Michael

    Love you mum

    May you rest in peace

  9. Maureen Blissett

    Where has the time gone. I miss you everyday. Our weekly walks on Saturdays, around Roundwood Park and your weight training session -pushing the shopping trolley around the supermarket. The space you left that day when you were called to your heavenly home remains. Continue to rest in power my strong little Mum. Love you, always xx

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